Pregnant People Are Not in Covid-19 Vaccine Trials, and That’s a Problem – Elemental

Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images

Excluding pregnant people from vaccine trials has been the default for decades, but experts say this should be rethought — especially now.

Pregnant and breastfeeding people have not been included in any of the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials for the U.S. market. Will their exclusion delay rollout for them, or will it affect pregnant people’s trust that the vaccine is safe for them? How comprehensively will their reactions to the vaccines be recorded?

First trial of gene-editing treatment for haemophilia

Image credit: James St. John/CC BY 2.0

The first attempt to edit the genes of cells inside the human body is about to take place. The technique being trialled aims to cure haemophilia B, a clotting disorder that can result in spontaneous internal bleeding.

The trial was announced in Washington DC this week at the International Summit on Human Gene Editing.

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