Fish fossil upends scientists’ view of jaw evolution – Nature

Dinghua Yang

A fossil fish found in Yunnan, China, has filled in a gaping hole in how researchers thought the vertebrate jaw evolved.

The 423-million-year-old specimen, dubbed Qilinyu rostrata, is part of an ancient group of armoured fish called placoderms. The fossil is the oldest ever found with a modern three-part jaw, which includes two bones in the upper jaw and one in the lower jaw. Researchers reported their find on 20 October in Science.

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This Hardcore Dinosaur Lived With a Painful Number of Serious Injuries

Image credit: Senter et al, PLOS One

Move over, T. rex: There’s a new toughest dinosaur in town. One specimen of Dilophosaurus (portrayed in Jurassic Park—inaccurately—as a venom-spitting dino with a neck frill) survived a record-breaking eight bone injuries in its front limbs and shoulder.

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