Plant protein behaves like a prion

Kristopher Grunert/Corbis/VCG

Prions, the misfolded proteins that are known for causing degenerative illnesses in animals and humans, may have been spotted for the first time in plants.

Researchers led by Susan Lindquist report that they have found a section of protein in thale cress (Arabidopsis) that behaves like a prion when it is inserted into yeast.

Read the full story in Nature.

Animal magnetic sense comes from protein that acts as a compass

Image credit: Donna Apsey/EyeEm/Getty

Quick – can you tell where north is? Animals as diverse as sea turtles, birds, worms, butterflies and wolves can, thanks to sensing Earth’s magnetic field.

But the magnet-sensing structures inside their cells that allow them to do this have evaded scientists – until now.

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